Hi guys!

You know that I’m a huge supporter of eating often. Small meals between the breakfast, lunch and dinner is very important according to me, it’s what keeps the energy up and what makes us alert during the days.

It can sometimes be hard to keep up with this, though. When you’re on the run, feeling hungry and just want to get a quick bite, it’s very easy to take something a bit unhealthy or skip it entirely. Therefore, I’ve got a few tips to share with you today, on what I think is great snacks and which are both quick, healthy and SO good.

Nr 1 – Rice Cakes (Corn cakes really) with smoked turkey.

Nr 2 – Cottage cheese, an apple and a couple walnuts. 

Nr 3 – Rice cakes with avocado. 

Nr 4 – Rice cakes with cold smoked salmon. 

Nr 5 – Protein shake, mini carrots and a banana. 

Nr 6 – Soy-gurt (or quark) with walnuts and a banana. 

Wondering why I think these are great to eat and how I compound my snacks? Watch this new video, where I take you guys with me grocery shopping and also thank you for 500 K followers on my IG. We are also 70 K subs on YouTube, BIG thank you! 💜

Love, Hanna

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