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I hope all is well with you and that you’re ready for a new week filled with challenges and happenings.

You know the feeling, when the only time you can go to the gym, is at the same time as everyone else, literally. I most often am lucky in the way that I don’t have a 9-5-job to go to. In my occupation as a social media influencer, I am able to go to the gym at the times that suits me the most, which often lets me do my workout alone, without the crowds and the queues to the machines.  Sometimes though, that doesn’t add up. Then it’s good to have a quick workout ready, in which you can stand at the same spot the whole time (or skip the gym completely and do the workout at home), and in which you won’t need to use any weights or equipments. That’s the kind of workout that I will share with you today! There is just one thing I would like to discuss first.

HATERS. I know, such a boring subject. Even if I normally don’t want to give the haters any attention, since the followers that like me are worth so much more, I just need to talk about it a little. I mean. I have a lot of followers, and not everyone can like me. That’s for sure. I also like that people can think differently about the workouts or things that I do, and they are free to comment that in order to make me and others better. That’s all fine. BUT. A lot of just nasty comments also slip through from time to time. My experience tells me that it most often is men, sitting at home, watching every video that I make, following me, and just for some reason feel the need to tell me and everyone else that everything that I do is wrong. And not in a constructive way. They comment about my looks, appearence, the kind of workouts that I do, how they are bad in every way and so on. And I simply think that is crap. WHY do you feel the need to do that?

  1. I do this because I love to inspire others and have a huge passion for fitness. Not because I want to be famous and need attention.
  2. I like to mix my workouts. The variety is what makes it fun, what makes me able to do it so many times a week. I also do squats, lunges and all the basic things. But I like to mix it up. That doesn’t make my workouts bullsh*t.

Aaaand, a lot more is to be said on the topic. Do I really need to comment the opinions about my looks? I look this way because I like it, period. 😉

SO. Back to the video. Listen to me rant more about the haters, and also see me perform the workout and give some useful tips. It’s a full body workout that will really tire you out! 3-4 rounds, 45sec / station. Rest 1min after1  round.

1. Squat jumps (wide/narrow jumps)
2. Jump lunges 3. Mountain climbers / Push-ups (if it’s to heavy, do it in your knees)
4. Diamond triceps push-ups / Glute kicks
5. Plank handwalk / back raises (one leg/one arm)
6. Bicycle crunch

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