I learned so much about my body through these years and I got addicted on my results! I understod how much stronger I can be with the right motivation and goals in life! Today I´m living a more balanced and healthy lifestyle and that’s what I want to show you. That you CAN live a healthy och fun lifestyle with proper nutritionplan by your side. You can be strong, healthy, happy and loving your body and still eat good food and treat yourself in life. To have a BALANCE.

I hope of inspire and motivate others to do the same, find your own healthy lifestyle and be proud for who you are.
With this blog I want to show you my life. My eating habits, workouts and tips how to work your body. i train 5 times a week with a split og weight lifting, cardio and functional training.

I’m so happy and greatful for bought this blog and my Instagram.
I’m going to do my very best to spread joy and love for this fitness-lifestyle and inspire you to find your own lifestyle.
THANK YOU for all the love and respons you are giving me, AND THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING.



– Obsessed with burgers
– Part french
– Passion for traveling
– Love fashion, even tough I’m dressed in 85% of workout-clothes (haha).
– Have a french bulldog named Bentley


If you want to hire me as a social media influencer you can contact me through my mail below. Before you send a mail I want you to read some conditions about my work as an influencer:

  • I do NOT do free advertising (eg. free products in exchange for posts on my social media pages)
  • Due to my exclusive sponsorships with Gymshark and Women's Best I do NOT do any works or collaborations including:
    1. Any kind of fitness supplements
    2. Any kind of fitness/training/workout clothes and apparel
  • At the moment I do not do any kind of personal coaching. This is due to time pressure and other commitments.

Thank you for respecting and understanding these conditions. My contact mail is info@hannaoeberg.com - Much love!